The testimonial of a Creative Director & Head of Design

Everything, absolutely everything, is based on form and design.

In nature evolution meets the conditions. On the drawing board for what is to become a new light button, a potato peeler, a tractor, a holiday home, a swimsuit, a pair of glasses or as here - a pair of boots, it is the designer's privilege and responsibility to do the best possible.

The comfort, the material, the look, the durability, both considering the boots and the way they are manufactured should not ever be weighed against each other. Everything is equally important.

That is a given you might say, but that is not the truth. Most of what is produced is not done with the customer need as first priority, but looking for the fastest return on capital.

I don't like the idea of fashion considering "this is the trend now, but not tomorrow". What drives me is to take the known assumptions, analyze what I think has been done best over the centuries and as humbly as possible try to make it even better. Adding my design language and toning down the details that my wife claim to be a humorous expression to few would ever get.

Core fact. I do not do boots or clothes for you. I do it for myself, but get overjoyed if you happen to find something you like.

Uncontemporary & sincerely, Claes Bondelid.