At home

[Perfectly imperfect]
"Behind a labyrinth of palm leaves and green plants just outside Palma lies the founders of Bum Society´s temporary home from the 19th century.
That the soul of all items is carefully considered, is something that is also clearly visible in the couple's home, which is a mix of countries, cultures and styles. Nothing is bought out of need, but out of feeling and a love. Apart from kitchen utensils, technical gadgets and bed mattresses nothing is newly produced.
- Everything else is something we found, or that found us. Every piece of cutlery, furniture and item is with us beacause of its own spirit and is now a part of the family. We've never had an idea of ​​a specific style or a particular color scheme. Everything is chosen by heart and that makes everything go together no matter where you place it.
Of all the things in the home, Helena's favorite is the coffee table, which is actually an old leather gymnastic mattress from a school in England.
- That table has also served as an extra bed and was the best place to tuck the children when it was time to rest, so it is for several reasons the piece of furniture I feel most strongly about.
While Claes' favorite is a corkscrew and all the food. The meals are probably the most important detail in the home and the kitchen is described as the heart of the home..."
Location: At home | Photography: Jesper Brandt