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The art of letting go to move on. Up

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A true balancing act this. To not bore you with details but still wanting to keep you in the loop. Especially since you might not even notice much of a difference. No real big thing.

It is though. To us.

After a long period of nothings we have chosen to move on. Up. Once again. Because there was a plan, and there was a start, and then...

So late fall last year we hit rewind to see if we thought it possible to build the Bum Society in the way we always meant too. And we do.

But at this very point, part of moving on means having to let go of the first generation of boots to allow us to reALaunch later this spring. In the cards lies a new tannery and shoelace factory. New overall packaging. The logo got brighter and almost not noticeable slimmer, as will the boots assortment be. Adding a few tees and maybe even a reversed logo one (which of course will have a somewhat lower price since it is advertisement really).

We have also found a strong reason to pay homage to the genuine handicraft and will hopefully be able to accessorize you come this summer.

And what would be real fun is to revisit the same factory up north where it all started around four decades ago and once again make a leather jacket. We actually reached out recently and today the children of our close partners from way back when have taken over the business, which is still very much up and running. Amazing!

So stay with us, slowly prepare for a new chapter, but first let us spread the word of the end of the first generation of Bum Society boots.

And thank you for the almost impossible patience you have all showed us during this time. These years really!

We would love to finally get to prove ourselves worthy.


Boot Box by Bum Society at Ses Rotes Horses and Wine in Esporles, Mallorca, accompanied by mini chihuaha Maggie

Boot Box by Bum Society inside details captured by The Bearded Underdog

Bum Society Photo Gallery | Emotions - the Sthlm edition | Patcifist Hunter Boots in Secular Brown | Nino Castillo